All the magic happens in the editor. It's where you create an experience, control an experience at a live event, and access an experience's engagement data.

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Editor Overview

Let's take a look at the main parts of the editor.

Top Toolbar

The top toolbar displays your experience's code and tools to:

  • Inspect your audience data
  • Edit your experience settings
  • Launch your experience wall
  • Publish your experience

Bottom Toolbar

You can exit the experience editor from the bottom toolbar.

Experience Rounds

You can think of a round as a single slide in a pitch deck. It can convey a single message and/or a specific task for a participant to engage with. 

Create a Round

Click Add + in the Section / Round List to show a list of possible round types. Selecting a round type will insert a round at the end of the experience round list.

Edit a Round

Click a round in the Section / Round List to open its details in the Section / Round Editor.

Each round has an editable name, which is displayed in the round list. It's also shown to the participant when the round is active.

You can customise the appearance of each round by clicking the Customise tab near the top of the Section / Round editor. These settings override the experience's theme settings.

See round types for editing options of each type.

Delete a Round

Click the settings icon next to the round name in the round editor to access an option to delete the selected round.


You cannot delete an active round.

Enable Round Filters

Click the settings icon next to the round name in the round editor to access an option to enable filters on the selected round.

Change Round Order

Click and drag the hamburger icon ☰ on a round in the round list to change its ordering. To drag rounds between sections, both sections must be open.

Experience Sections

Sections keep rounds organised. When a section is open, its rounds are visible; when collapsed, its rounds are hidden. This helps keep things manageable in experiences with a large number of rounds.

Click the section arrow to toggle a section open  collapsed.

Wall Preview

A preview of the experience wall is visible in the editor. It will automatically update as you edit and control your experience.

Wall Options

Some round types will have wall-specific options. Located directly under the wall preview, these options only affect what's displayed on the wall.

Experience Controls

Activate a Round

Only one round can be active at a time. To activate a round, click Start Round. This will change the round on the wall and on each participant's device.

If a round is activated, the control will be replaced with an Active label and the round will be highlighted in the round list.

Close Voting

Click Close Voting to prevent your audience from interacting on a particular round.


Use Close Voting when presenting quizzes to give your audience a limited time to answer—give them no chance of asking Google!