For experiences with many rounds, we recommend importing your data in bulk to save you a ton of precious time.

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Import Rounds From a File


  1. Download the Import Template and edit to create your new experience rounds.
  2. In the Experience Editor, click Add + in the Section / Round List.
  3. Click Import from the dropdown list.
  4. Click Choose File and select your import file from your filesystem.
  5. Click Import

If successful, the editor will reload your experience with the new data.

If your import fails, click View Errors in the error notice at the top of the editor to troubleshoot any issues.


Failed imports will not add any new data to your experience.

Import Template

Download Experience Import Template

Import File Format

Your import file should be in CSV format (.csv).

You can edit CSV files using spreadsheet software such as Excel, Numbers or Google Sheets.

If you're using Excel for example, you can save a CSV file by hitting Save As and changing the File Format to CSV.

Import Fields

Each row of an import file creates a new Experience Round using the fields described in the table below.

sectionThe name of a section to add the round. A new section will be created if one does not already exist.Round 1
nameThe name of the round.

What's a group of unicorns called?

typeThe Round Type. Can be one of:
  • image
  • quiz
  • question-choice
  • scoreboard
answersAn optional list of possible answers, separated by a pipe character '|'. Answers can contain any mix of numbers and characters.A Delight|A Blessing|The Horns
correct_answerAn optional correct answer. This must exactly match one of the terms from the answers field.A Blessing
answer_valuesOptional values for each answer, separated by a pipe character. Leave blank for default behaviour: incorrect answers = 0 points; correct answer = 1 point.