After Creating Your Account, follow this tutorial to create an example Engagewall experience. 

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Create a New Experience


  1. Login to Engagewall Admin and click Create Experience.
  2. Enter a name for your experience, e.g. My Amazing Event.
  3. Enter your custom Code which will be used by participants to access your experience.
  4. Set Require Player Login to No and Teams to Disabled.
  5. Set the theme to Engagewall.
  6. Click Create Experience.

Add a Welcome Image

First let's add an image round to welcome your participants.


  1. Click Add + and select Image from the available round types.
  2. Click Edit next to the round's Name field and change the content to "Welcome to our experience" before hitting Save.
  3. Click the image button to open up your file explorer, then select a suitable image from your computerClick the image upload button to open your file explorer
  4. Click Start Round to activate your first image round.

Add a Question Round

Next let's add a Multiple Choice round to ask your audience a question.


  1. Click Add + and select Multiple Choice from the available round types.
  2. Click Edit next to the round's Name field and change the content to "What is your favourite colour?" before hitting Save.
  3. Click Edit next to the round's Options field and then click Add Option twice.
  4. Click the first option box and type "Red", then the second option box and type "Blue".
  5. Finally click Save to add your options to the round.

Join Your Experience


  1. Your Experience is currently in Draft mode. To enable participants to join your experience, click the Draft status in the far right of the top toolbar and select Go Live!
  2. To join your experience, open your mobile device's browser—or for the sake of testing, just another browser tab on your desktop—and navigate to the Engagewall app:
  3. Enter the code you used to create the experience to join. For reference, the #code is displayed in the top left of the experience editor.

After joining you'll see the activated welcome message round. Leave that tab open while you learn how to present and control the experience in the the following section.


It's ok if your device goes in to standby or the browser enters the background. You'll automatically reconnect when you reopen the page.

Present Your Experience

Now you have a welcome message and a question round, let's look at how you present and control the experience.

Open your Experience Wall

To present the experience, click the Wall button in the top toolbar. The wall will open in a new tab and display the activated welcome message round.


Clicking anywhere on the screen will launch full-screen mode, which is ideal if you're hooking your computer up to a projector or external display. Clicking again or pressing Esc will return back to windowed mode.

Control your Experience

For this tutorial, let's leave the presentation open in its own browser tab and return to your Engagewall - Admin tab to control the experience.

On the left hand side of the editor you'll see the round list. If you only see the Section 1 folder, you'll need to click the Section Arrow to open it.

Making sure the 2nd round is selected, click Start Round to activate it.

Now check your mobile device and wall tab to see this new round in action.


Go ahead and tap a colour option on your device and watch how the wall chart updates in near realtime.

In the experience editor, you'll notice one participant engagement is registered against that option. Click the Participant Icon to reveal more details about the engagement.

Next Steps

This tutorial has given you a quick overview of the concepts in practice. To get the most out of the platform, we recommend learning more about experiences, audience data and custom themes.