The following table describes the fields in the Experience Audience Export.

experience_nameThe name of the experience
experience_codeThe experience code
player_idA unique Player ID (participant ID)
first_nameA participant's first name
last_nameA participant's last name
emailA participant's email address
email_marketing_consent"1" if a participant opted in to marketing; otherwise "0". This field is due to change to just marketing_consent.
team_idA participant's team ID
team_nameA participant's team name
team_scoreThe total score of a participant's team
player_scoreThe participant's individual score
answer_countThe number of engagements a participant has made (i.e. votes and answers).
logged_in_atThe time a participant first joined the experience
first_answer_atThe time of a participant's first engagement
last_answer_atThe time of a participant's last engagement